Weathering storms in volatile times is never easy. Enormous challenges cut across every industry today. Meeting those challenges requires a smart course of action, a proactive mindset, and strong determination. ProjectCorps™ consultants have deep business expertise in a variety of industries. They offer leading-edge solutions to help you through the uncertainty and rediscover sustainable business value.


Healthcare systems are complex networks of multiple regions and varying service delivery models—all competing for limited resources. While issues of patient safety and quality of care are paramount, capacity often falls short of demand.

Addressing complex healthcare issues

We understand the systemic constraints in the healthcare industry and focus resources—money and people—to best meet the needs of your organization. ProjectCorps builds the processes, tools, and capabilities to efficiently delivering work in your unique culture. And we help you balance the call for innovation with your mandate to provide quality healthcare without interruption.

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Financial Services

The financial services industry is in an uproar that’s forcing even the steadiest of organizations to reassess their business models, in-flight plans, and projects. Now challenged by increased regulation, reduced resources, and widespread skepticism, the future is unclear and risks unknown.

Restoring Confidence

Financial institutions and companies are actively rethinking their strategies and systems—leading a charge that, overtime, will significantly reshape and improve the industry. We work closely with you to deliver decision– support models that translate business plans into investment portfolios of value-weighted project opportunities. When project management is focused on the delivery of value, long-term benefits can be better defined and tracked, restoring confidence.

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Government agencies are faced with balancing public demand for improved services at cheaper costs against aging infrastructure, immature business systems, and a shrinking talent pool. Growing debt and political constraints only add to the burden.

Meeting demand

Our work with government entities provides solutions through improved project definition, planning, and tracking of multi-department and multi-year capital and operational projects. With ProjectCorps, project management becomes a core competency and high–visibility projects stand up to public scrutiny.

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Utilities must maintain and expand current systems while navigating a shift to alternative sources of energy and costly new technologies. Many expect private and public utilities to lead the response to our most pressing environmental challenges. Asset management systems are straining to reconcile demand to capacity.

Adapting to new realities

Customer demand must be met while maintaining the flexibility to respond to market, funding, permitting and seasonal impacts. Helping utilities manage their significant customer commitments, capital budgets, and project portfolios is a specialty at ProjectCorps. Asset Management, planning, and project management work in concert to maintain service levels and respond to increasing demand.

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