Our consulting approach recognizes that the financial services industry is facing vast challenges as it restructures and reorganizes to reconcile itself to a new business paradigm. To regain consumer confidence, organizations need to make changes with dramatically limited resources and capital.

When Every Decision Matters

ProjectCorps™ consultants possess deep experience and leadership skills to help clients respond to downturns. When every decision matters, our decision-making framework provides a system for making the right ones. We provide:

  • Processes for analyzing, rating, and prioritizing your strategies, initiatives, and projects based on long-term benefits and capacity.
  • Systems that support the deployment of resources to top priorities and ensure the rapid movement of resources, as needed.
  • A comprehensive view of recovery and improvement work that promotes a proactive response to conflicts and collisions.

Delivering Results

Our work with a national bank supported the rapid freeze and shut down of in-flight projects that were out of alignment with the company’s new strategic plan. Projects supporting the new direction were quickly defined and prioritized. Organizational resources were redeployed. The company made significant strides toward its transformation within six months.