An unpredictable marketplace. Competing demands. Stretched resources. No time to waste. In today’s business climate, even the sharpest leader can easily get overwhelmed. Resolving complex problems is our strong suit. ProjectCorps™ consultants have years of experience leading organizations around barriers that can impede success.

Business Challenges

Missed goals and late initiatives

Missed strategic goals and late critical initiatives signal that your organization’s activities are out of sync with your business plan and resources are misdirected and/or underutilized. Bottlenecks and slowdowns also impede innovation and business performance.

Improved business performance

We make sure your business strategies are clearly reflected in your program and project work—and that they deliver maximum value. So, as strategies change, your organization can respond quickly and efficiently.

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Unclear priorities, over-committed resources

Selecting which projects to invest in is a critical executive–level task. However, inadequate analysis, unclear priorities, and erroneous resource estimates can leave top leadership with an incomplete picture and that skews investment value and resource availability.

Increase your PPM capabilities

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) anchors your portfolio of project investments to your business strategies and financial objectives. We help optimize your project investment returns, quantify your risks, promote diversification across competing priorities, and balance demand with resource availability.

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Project failures & accountability issues

There are many reasons projects fail: lack of ownership, unrealistic targets, deadlines and budgets. Many organizations never get to the root cause due to inadequate, ineffective, or overbuilt infrastructure and systems.

Maximize the value of your PMO

Robust PMO’s establish value as the prime objective and project delivery as a core competency across the organization. ProjectCorps helps you select the right processes, enhances capability, and delivers efficient problem-solving and decision making—keeping project information flowing between teams and executives.

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Benefits that don’t meet expectations

Failing to deliver benefits is often the result of early initiative and program projections that are made and rarely revisited. And, when accountability for results isolates on project delivery rather than long-term benefits.

Achieve long-term performance and payoff

ProjectCorps helps you build systems that establish realistic strategic and financial objectives at project inception and measure long-term post-delivery results. Our work shapes a culture of positive accountability and unbiased analysis—providing feedback for improved planning and long–term performance.

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Staffing issues and support

Complex and critical key initiatives often require program management experience and skill beyond what your staff or vendor pool can provide.

Accelerate program delivery

ProjectCorps program delivery services matches seasoned managers to your key programs and includes active guidance from our senior consultants. We bring ourfull collective expertise to your critical change efforts.

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Project Rescue & Recovery

When a critical project is struggling, key milestones are missed, spend has exceeded budget, vendor support is weak, you need an extra set of sharp eyes and an honest broker who works well with the project team and guides them to success—not the ‘project police’.

Revitalize and deliver projects

Expert guidance and innovative recovery strategies from ProjectCorps can supplement internal oversight. Our recovery expertise quickly reveals the origins of your program and project breakdowns, plus the corrective actions and workable action plans needed to revitalize project success.

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