Benefits Realization

Every project produces a new product of some type—a new facility, software system, or approach to customer service. The question is: Does the new product deliver the value you thought it would? From concept to execution, it’s never too soon to begin managing and tracking projected value and benefits.

When your project concept comes to the table, ProjectCorps™ can help your finance and operations teams establish accurate processes to measure actual return. Our services support accelerating and maximizing program/project investment pay off. We build systems that establish realistic strategic and financial objectives at project inception and measure long-term post-delivery results. Our work shapes a culture of positive accountability and provides feedback for improved planning and performance.

Key Features

  • Adds value by attaining the highest level of benefits possible.
  • Helps focus and steer concentration on the right work.
  • Provides the ability to plan and act based upon correct projections of long-term project benefits.
  • Makes the impact of market changes visible for rapid shifts in investment strategy.
  • Accountability for benefits is clear and tied to performance measurement.
  • Aligns incentives to benefit delivery.

Key Benefits

  • Benefits from project investments are accelerated and maximized.
  • Project investment returns are accurately projected and long-term benefits are understood.
  • Projects exceeding original scope, schedule and budget are reassessed against the shifting cost benefit pictures.
  • Projects failing to deliver benefits are mined for lessons learned and feed strategic re-direction.