PMO & Project Management Capability

Simply put, a PMO is the hub that drives the delivery of projects. A tightly run and well-coordinated PMO is a place of convergence where activity and information come together, is redirected, and looped back from one point to another throughout the organization.

ProjectCorps™ services connect the dots between strategy and delivery. Working closely with your staff, our people make sure your project delivers value, enhances the capability of your project teams, measures risks, manages costs, and gets the job done—project after project.

Key Features

  • Establishes a unit focused on delivery of project value using the ProjectCorps PPM Value Framework™.
  • Defines performance metrics and feedback loops that promote demonstrable project delivery improvement.
  • Establishes monitoring mechanisms that enhance, rather than police, project quality and delivery.
  • Develops processes and documentation requirements that are right fit, simple to understand, and designed to support maximum efficiency.
  • Introduces data and information analysis that drives informed and rapid problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Creates a project management environment that boosts recurring project success.


  • A PMO focused on the delivery of value.
  • Project performance metrics that drive accountability and improve delivery.
  • Clear accountability for project management, monitoring, and results.
  • Project processes sized to the simplicity or complexity of each project.
  • Communications and information systems that inspire improved project performance.
  • A project management culture that emphasizes value over process, information over data, and pursues excellence.