QA & Recovery

In a complicated world, simplicity often works best. Holding a laser-like focus on a few crucial actions to turnaround deficiencies can breathe new life into struggling programs and projects. Your quality assurance (QA) & recovery efforts require a scalpel, not a hatchet. It’s all about precision.


ProjectCorps™ QA services provide expert guidance supplemented with internal oversight and input to drive project success. We work along–side your project team to identify issues, address risks, take proactive actions, and offer creative advice and practical solutions and alternatives.

Recovery or Intervention

ProjectCorps recovery services quickly uncover the origins of program/project breakdowns and deliver innovative recovery strategies and action plans. For projects in trouble or near failure, we use a triage approach to identify the critical contributors to the failure. Rather than tell you what you should do and leave, we engage your team in the recovery effort and see the solutions through to the end.

Key Features

  • Provides expansive experience and know-how that supports rapid delivery.
  • Delivers expert advice from consultants who are focused on your success.
  • Ensures a proactive alert to risks, issues, and problems and practical advice on prevention.
  • Provides clear and intuitive understanding of complex efforts and challenges.
  • Introduces solutions that express innovative thinking and leverage current systems.
  • Imparts an energetic competence that buoys the team.

Key Benefits

  • Increased probability of project success.
  • Experience third–party quality driver.
  • Proactive risk management and problem solving.
  • Real–time learning for project teams.
  • Document lessons learned.
  • Innovative and realistic turn–around strategies that leverage current systems.
  • Practical advice with solution alternatives.