We Solve Your Toughest Business Challenges by Exceeding the Bounds of Traditional Consulting Methods.

Who We Are

ProjectCorps starts each engagement with a deep-water dive: a full immersion into your business, operations, processes, and culture. Our team works side-by-side with your teams—smoothly activating and guiding—getting the work done and turning your vision into reality.

We Think Beyond the Vertical

Each of our senior staff members has a minimum of twenty years' experience. Our rigorous hiring process requires our consultants to have experience in multiple industries, at the senior management or executive level and as a senior consultant.

With our expertise and depth of knowledge, we develop the next “best practice” for our clients. They don’t have to keep up with their competitors’ ways. We help them arrive at creative and efficient solutions by thinking beyond the vertical.


Business Analysis & Analytics

It's crucial for competitive businesses to track and evaluate their internal performance.  Without a deep knowledge of how effectively your business operates, it becomes very difficult to spot improvements, take advantage of trends or ensure effective implementations or investments.  We are industry leaders in providing business analytics solutions for competitive businesses.

Change Management

Change Management can enable your company to manage change with precision and more predictable results, at a pace that is faster and more effective than your peers.  Traditional change management activities, like training and communication, are no longer enough to help drive change at the scale and pace required today. Our integrated approach can help your company grow at the speed of change

Customized Facilitation

Our facilitation services include meeting design, meeting facilitation and facilitation coaching. We offer Enneagram workshops, one-on-one coaching or seasoned facilitators to help guide your Leadership Team(s) and staff to solve problems and optimize output.

Keynote Speaking

Our Keynote Speaking enables executive decision makers to see the world and their businesses in new ways to make quick, confident decisions to create competitive advantages, organizational redesign and revenue growth.

Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Program and Project Management helps businesses, governments, and organizations see all the “projects” in their pipeline. Projects are then aligned to strategies, assigned value, reconciled to resources—money, time, people, capacity—and balanced to address competing needs. The projects that emerge are prioritized and made visible to the organization. 

Program and Project Quality Assurance

In a complicated world, simplicity often works best. Holding a laser-like focus on a few crucial actions to turnaround deficiencies can breathe new life into struggling programs and projects. Your quality assurance (QA) & recovery efforts require a scalpel, not a hatchet. It’s all about precision.

Organizational Effectiveness

Achieving sustained improvement in performance requires organizations to move beyond structures, processes, and systems to address individual and collective behavior—including culture, mind-sets, capabilities, and team and group dynamics. We work with clients to design and implement interventions to build skills and shift mind-sets to ensure sustainable change in behaviors.

Strategy and Operations

When strategies change due to internal or external pressures or challenges, your organization needs to be able to respond quickly and efficiently. We help our clients devise workable strategies and a course of action to improve performance and deliver maximum value. We keep your business on the path toward success.

Technology Selection and Evaluation

There is more to technology selection and optimization than making sure your business has the latest tools. Technology has to contribute to your organization’s overall performance. ProjectCorps bring business knowledge to your technical problems, bridging the gap between business needs and technology solutions—and helping you get the full benefit of your technology investment.

What Our Clients Say

City Mayor of Bainbridge Island

There has been more than one juncture during the past two years when our work has required reinforcements—three such occasions come to mind. Every time we needed to clarify the approach to achieve an outcome of credible, functional, reliable, and timely data, ProjectCorps’ response was prompt and fruitful for me and for the City.

T. Bozzuti, Senior VP IT and Chief Information Officer at F5 Networks

The ProjectCorps team gave our finance folks a critical boost at a key time in their evolution. Your senior consultant brought an excellent combination of tactical PM and communication skills!

K. McCarroll, Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

I very much appreciated ProjectCorps’ insights and consider them a significant part of the impetus that inspired the success of our work.

GE Aviation

Thanks to our work with ProjectCorps, we have optimized our overall project ROI, created an environment of continual improvement in quality of product/service delivery, and revolutionized our ability to meet customer commitments.  Two and a half years later, we continue to reap the rewards of our engagement with ProjectCorps.

Puget Sound Energy

ProjectCorps doesn’t try to be everything to everybody. Unlike many consultants, they provide true leadership—never hesitant to stop a process, regroup and redirect, when they feel it’s necessary.

Sharp HealthCare

ProjectCorps is not only responsible for requests but takes them a step further – it’s what we call a guided jump.

Director, Citywide Accounting & Payroll Services

I want to thank you for introducing us to the concept of accountability and authority.

UW Consulting Alliance

ProjectCorps has “set the bar” for how they have performed in the Consulting Alliance over the past many years.

Port of Tacoma

ProjectCorps is true to their mission.  They worked harder and smarter and delivered innovative ideas and practical solutions to get us where we wanted to go.  They demonstrated a deep understanding of complex programs and projects, were very knowledgeable about how to work with our other Port vendors and contract staff, quickly ramped up to understand our business context and the problems to be solved, provided creative solutions to difficult problems and challenges, and delivered well more than their contract required. They were a joy to work with.

City of Seattle

Resolving complex problems in a challenging business climate is one of ProjectCorps’ many strong suits, and their consultants have years of experience guiding our leaders and program and project teams around barriers that can impede success. They can hold a laser-like focus on a few crucial actions to turnaround program and project deficiencies, and they seamlessly work along-side our teams to identify issues, address risks, take proactive actions, and offer creative advice and practical solutions. Over the past seven years, ProjectCorps has demonstrated that they deeply understand the pressures we face as leaders and the complexity of executing business and IT initiatives, especially in times of unpredictable turbulence.

OppenheimerFunds, Inc.

ProjectCorps’ insights and recommendations created an invaluable roadmap and process development guide that continue to steer and deliver value to our organization today.