ProjectCorps starts each engagement with a deep-water dive: a full immersion into your business, operations, processes, and culture. We will get the work done and turn your vision into a reality.

We Take Your Organization to the Next Level

ProjectCorps serves organizations across a wide variety of industries, from visionary start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. Excellence, leadership, integrity, disciplined focus, and collaborative teamwork are the core values that we have been upholding since 2001.


Business Analysis and Analytics

Business Analysis and Analytics is an important discipline in any project including but not limited to eliciting requirements through techniques, documenting requirements, and coordinating entire projects.  Business analysis is the only liaison between business, functional and technical stakeholders of a project, and the success or failure of a project is directly tied to the expertise of a Business Analyst.


Change Management

Change Management can enable your company to manage change with precision and more predictable results, at a pace that is faster and more effective than your peers.  Traditional change management activities, like training and communication, are no longer enough to help drive change at the scale and pace required today. Our integrated approach can help your company grow at the speed of change.

Multi-Cultural Office Staff Sitting Having Meeting Together

Customized Facilitation

Meetings can feel like an inefficient use of time that keeps staff from actually getting work done.  Even when a meeting is run effectively, team members can still walk away wondering what was accomplished.  ProjectCorps can provide external facilitation to help you break through and make the most of your valuable time together.


Keynote Speaking

Our CEO combines essential principles, with detailed insider knowledge and strategies that will keep you competitors scrambling, your customers coming back day after day, and your bottom line showing better results.  She deftly tailors her presentation to suit companies of any size, industry or market, using a captivating visual style and unfailing witty delivery.


Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Our consulting services are results-oriented and for companies looking to implement business-enhancing, agile PMO services that improve performance.  We are leaders in PMO design and practice, and our consultants deliver success in complex implementation environments.

Team of business people working together on a laptop

Program/Project Quality Assurance

ProjectCorps QA services provide expert guidance supplemented with internal oversight and input to drive project success. We work along–side your project team to identify issues, address risks, take proactive actions, and offer creative advice and practical solutions and alternatives.

Businesswoman Addressing Multi-Cultural Office Staff Meeting

Organizational Effectiveness

This entails changing your organizational structure to maximize your people’s potential, which will then lead to optimized revenue. We will assist you throughout the process, eliminating duplicate roles and ensuring that you create a new structure that highlights the strengths of your employees.


Strategy and Operations

When strategies change due to internal or external pressures or challenges, your organization needs to be able to respond quickly and efficiently—especially in uncertain times. We help our clients devise workable strategies and a course of action to improve performance and deliver maximum value. Working closely with your senior executives, our consultants provide the real-world insights, discipline and follow-through required to adapt to change.

businessman training business executives in a classroom

Technology Selection and Evaluation

There is more to technology selection and optimization than making sure your business has the latest tools. Technology has to contribute to your organization’s overall performance. ProjectCorps bring business knowledge to your technical problems, bridging the gap between business needs and technology solutions—and helping you get the full benefit of your technology investment.

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We always put our clients first. From the start of an engagement through to its completion, we never stop working for your success. It’s in our DNA. If you are ready to bring your organization to greater heights, give us a call.